SKODA AppL.A.O.S. Album Artwork

oh yeah: design collective rocks again with the concept, artwork and promo DIY Book for SKODA AppL.A.O.S. AlbumSKODA is Bulgarian punk-ska band and AppL.A.O.S is their live album released 12 years after its recording at the famous O'SHIPKA CLUB in 2003. The artwork is screen printed on the lid of a metal can CD box. The booklet is DIY coming with promo video with instructions. PROJECT DATA

  •   CLIENT: SKODA band
  •   PRODUCT: Album Pick-Up
  •   LANDING: 2015
  •   TEAM: I.H.Stoilov (GD) V. Toulevska (PM)

 watch video and download artwork here:  SKODA DIY BOOKLET FOR AppL.A.O.S.

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